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My Australia: Series 2 - Episode 6

In this episode of My Australia, Suhasini spends a day working on a farm, Gustave makes a video for YouTube and Tiara performs burlesque at a gay and lesbian arts festival.

Episode 6
Suhasini, from India, has her first Aussie farm experience. Her many experiences include rounding up sheep, milking a cow, nursing a piglet and meeting her first guinea pig. Suhasini also learns that farm life involves long hours and very hard work.

Gustave wants to make a video to post on YouTube. He enlists the help of Wee Ee, a fellow student, to make a video based on the theme, "What is love?"

Tiara has travelled from Brisbane to Adelaide to busk at a gay & lesbian festival, Feast. We catch up with her for her preparations and burlesque performance involving dressing up and dressing down.

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