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My Australia: Series 2 - Episode 2
In this episode of My Australia, Tiara tries roller derby, Suhasini goes to a bush dance and Gustave sets up his paints at an art market.

Episode 2

Tiara is from Bangladesh. She has never tried roller derby before, but she has heard that it's lots of fun. The trouble is - you have to do it on roller skates! Will she or won't she succeed? Suhasini is from India, and she absolutely adores Bollywood dancing.

She hasn't been to an Australian Bush Dance before, but she gets suitably dressed and heads out for a night of kicking up her heels.

Gustave has done a bit of painting in Malaysia, and he decides that he will try selling some of his paintings at an art market in Perth. He even paints in front of people, and honours some special requests from the intrigued shoppers.

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